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AGRA is thrilled to be able to offer short courses as outlined below.  The short courses are structured usually to be two hours per evening.  These courses are designed for associate members of AGRA as well as other members or art students wishing to progress their art to a higher standard.  The courses are designed to give each student the opportunity to progress their art career


Short Courses venue at AGRA Galleries



Colour Theory and You Level 2 with Julie Goldspink


This course will enable you to extend practical experience in the use of colour combinations to create tonal connections and harmonious paintings. Course may include:

  • Monochromatic - complimentary colour mixing

  • 2 colours

  • 3 colours

  • pigment history






Drawing and You with Joe Attard


Develop artisitic confidence in the handling of drawing materials


April 15th.  AGRA members $90






Enquire by email to or by calling the office on 03 98825859 and register.





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