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        Australian Art Excellence Awards

This is one of our best and most popular exhibitions with a great selection of artworks on view from prize-winning AGRA artists.


To be part of the Australian Art Excellence Awards an artist needs to be an AGRA member and have won one of the AGRA seasonal or online exhibitions in the past three years.

some of the previous finalists's artworks are below

2015 & 2013 AGRA Medallion winner

Julian Bruere

2016 Medallion winner

Anne Melloy


2015 Terry Collins award

  Elena Kolotusha

2014 AGRA Medallion winner 
Barbara Beasley-Southgate

2016 Terry Collins Award

Louis Sauzier

2014 AGRA Terry Collins Award
Alan Rawady

2013 AGRA Medallion winner
Julian Bruere



2013 AGRA Terry Collins Award
Betina Fauvel-Ogden

2012 AGRA Medallion winner
 Elena Kolotusha

2012 AGRA Terry Collins Award
Grace Paleg


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