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AGRA aims to build a supportive community of Australian realist artists. The Guild provides opportunities for its members to practice and improve their artistic skills, interact with fellow artists, exhibit their art and learn from established professionals.  Associate members have the opportunity to progress their art.   

We offer workshops and demonstrations for AGRA members and the wider community to attend and enjoy.



ABN 44 005 396 609


Objectives of The Guild


  • To foster and support the tenets of the realist, traditional and representative schools of art in Australia.

  • To form a bond of union between Artists and to provide a medium through which their opinions may be ascertained and expressed.

  • To represent artists in their relations with the community and organs of government.

  • To afford assistance to Artists in their practice by the provisions of services and facilities of all kinds including where appropriate services and facilities for which fees may be charged.

  • To foster and advance educaton of all kinds for artists and for persons wishing to become artists and to encourage young artists.

  • To perform generally such other functions and to carry out such activities as may advance or protect the interests of artists or as may be useful or beneficial to them or the community in relation to the conduct of their practice and to the performance of their functions in their relationships between themselves and with the community and to deal with all other matters generally affecting the interests of artists.

  • To raise money by all lawful means and to solicit receive and enlist financial and other aid from individuals, trust, companies, corporations, firms, associations, societies, institutions, and other organizations or authorities and from government fepartments of state and public bodies and to conduct fund raising campaigns for the purpose of furthering the objects of the Guild.

  • To promote social intercourse amongst members and persons interested in the objects of the Guild.

  • To co-operate and correspond with other bodies having like objects.


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